Our History

A Catholic East Baltimore Community

We are a parish with a long history, a rich tradition and a diverse congregation. Our beautiful church was built in 1914 by Bohemian Catholic immigrants to Baltimore who first established the parish in 1872. While most of the Bohemian-Americans have moved to the suburbs and beyond, many still return to worship with us. Meanwhile many of our members today come from the African-American population of our neighborhood, as well as the former parishes* of St. Katharine of Sienna*, Ss. James and John* and St. Bernard*.

St. Wenceslaus School has been closed since 1986, but nearby St. James and John School continues to provide quality Catholic education to the children of our area. Our convent once housed dedicated Sisters of the SSND community; it now serves as a mission for women under the care of the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity.

St. Wenceslaus has had a "twin sister" since 1995, sharing a pastor with St. Ann's Church on Greenmount Avenue. For most of its history, St. Wenceslaus was faithfully served by the Redemptorists. In 1999, the parish began to be served by Franciscan Friars. In 2018, both St. Wenceslaus and St. Ann joined St. Francis Xavier Church in a Pastorate under the care of the Josephites.

*Note, links to the former parishes are to artistic, encyclopedic, or historic references with, in some cases, rich information and/or historic pictures of the Churches. These are not links to Catholic parochial organizations.