St. WencesLAUS
Roman Catholic Church

Baltimore, Maryland

Weekly Bulletins

Our Sister Parishes
St. Ann - https://www.stannsofbaltimore.org/
St. Francis Xavier - http://www.historicfrancisxavier.org/
SS. James and John School - http://ssjjschool.org/

St. Wenceslaus encourages you to check out the new mobile application, Hallow, developed by the brother of one of our parishoners to guide prayerful meditation.


Sunday Worship

Sat 5:00 PM - St. Francis Xavier

Sun 8:00 AM - St. Francis Xavier

Sun 9:00 AM - St. Wenceslaus

Sun 11:00 AM - St. Francis Xavier

Sun 11:00 AM - St. Ann


Weekday Worship

Tue 8:00 AM - St. Wenceslaus

Wed 10:00 AM - St. Francis Xavier

Thurs 7:00 PM - St. Ann

Fri 8:00 AM - St. Francis Xavier

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Church life at St. Wenceslaus is brought together through its various ministries. There are many opportunities to serve the community spiritually and physically.

The St. Wenceslaus Choir is an integral part of our prayerful worship.

The St. Wenceslaus Choir is an integral part of our prayerful worship.

Liturgy and Choir

St. Wenceslaus hosts a Choir and several religious service opportunities through Eucharistic Ministry, altar service, sacristan, lector, usher, and greeter.

The Food Pantry serves hundreds of hungry people every month

The Food Pantry serves hundreds of hungry people every month

Outreach Center

The Lucielle Fitzgerald Outreach Center runs a variety of programs, to include a biweekly food pantry. Hundreds of people are served every month.

Our renovated courtyard provides a cozy, relaxing venue for cool weather events.

Our renovated courtyard provides a cozy, relaxing venue for cool weather events.

FundraisinG Events

From the Shrimp Feast to an afternoon at the races, the Fundraising Committee coordinates the venue, the volunteers, and the supplies. Click below for the season’s schedule!


Sunshine Club - Provide meals for funeral repast.

Survivor Ministry - This group consists of people who are survivors in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks.

Men’s Holy Name Society - This group helps with different activities throughout the year.

Adult Bible Study - This group gathers to study the Bible.

Religious Education

Our dedicated team of religious education teachers offers an established curriculem to prepare our students for the Sacraments, educate them in the doctrine of the Church and the teachings of the Bible, while fostering a love of Prayer and nurturing Faith in our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ.


Primary Grades

Students in the early years learn about God’s love for us, about His promises, Faith, the community of Saints, and the Sacraments. The children learn the foundational prayers such as Our Father and Hail Mary.

Elementary Grades

Students continue to build on the earlier foundations, discussing life scenarios and how to practice Faith when challenged in our day to day lives.


Middle School

Advanced students reflect on God’s call for His people. They will continue in Bible studies and discuss current topics as they relate to the Bible and the teachings of the Church.


Our History

A Catholic East Baltimore Community

We are a parish with a long history, a rich tradition and a diverse congregation. Our beautiful church was built in 1914 by Bohemian Catholic immigrants to Baltimore who first established the parish in 1872. While most of the Bohemian-Americans have moved to the suburbs and beyond, many still return to worship with us. Meanwhile many of our members today come from the African-American population of our neighborhood, as well as the former parishes* of St. Katharine of Sienna*, Ss. James and John* and St. Bernard*.

St. Wenceslaus School has been closed since 1986, but nearby St. James and John School continues to provide quality Catholic education to the children of our area. Our convent once housed dedicated Sisters of the SSND community; it now serves as a mission for women under the care of the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity.

St. Wenceslaus has had a "twin sister" since 1995, sharing a pastor with St. Ann's Church on Greenmount Avenue. For most of its history, St. Wenceslaus was faithfully served by the Redemptorists. In 1999, the parish began to be served by Franciscan Friars. In 2018, both St. Wenceslaus and St. Ann joined St. Francis Xavier Church in a Pastorate under the care of the Josephites.

*Note, links to the former parishes are to artistic, encyclopedic, or historic references with, in some cases, rich information and/or historic pictures of the Churches. These are not links to Catholic parochial organizations.


Photos of Our Church

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